Bread making class at L’École du Pain

One of the highlight of my trip is attending a bread making class. Knowing that Montréal has a strong French influence and the main food is bread, I decided to learn from the expert. Most of the cooking classes I found online are conducted fully in French.

After a bit of research, I found a place that offers baking classes in English. I signed up for a class before coming Montréal without realising how far the place was from Montréal.
It takes 2 metros and 2 buses to get to the place. To add to the excitement, I don’t speak French and have never caught a bus here. It was rather nerve-wrecking, but I thanked God that the bus driver understands English and I arrived safely at the place.

While the lesson was about to start, I found out that the other 5 students were French speaking. The teacher decided the lead the class in French. Occasionally he translated the important parts to English for my benefit. It was a bit challenging for not being able to fully understand what was said by the teacher. Thankfully, the class was very structured and I could easily follow the other students.

We started off with making the country bread. It took 2 ½ hours for the fermentation to complete, with an occasional fold through every 20 minutes. The teacher showed us the correct method of shaping the dough which was very helpful. While waiting for the fermentation, we started working on the next batch of dough, the sweet dough used for making Brioche. It was nowhere near as complicated as the country bread but still require a bit of time to ferment. Finally, we moved on to the French bread (Baguette) after lunch. The process of making the different dough is quite similar. The main difference would be the ingredients used for each one.

Six hours later, all the breads were out of the oven. We had plain country bread, oat country bread, pecan country bread, French baguette, chocolate brioche and raisin brioche. We left the place with the fruits of our labour. I can honestly say that I have never owned that much bread in a single day!

You can check out their website for more information on the courses available:

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