Seafood Banquet at The Thai Orchid Restaurant

We have always loved Thai food but rarely venture out from our local favourites. Last week, we decided to try Thai Orchid Restaurant at Mt Gravatt – And boy, are we glad we did!

We were celebrating our 1 year anniversary, so what else could we do but go for the Seafood Banquet. We were blown away by the entrées and their mains were marvellous!

Our entrée of Coconut Prawns, Calamari, Fish Cakes and Scallops were droolicious. Prawns, Calamari and Scallops were cooked to perfection and the home made Fish Cakes are the best we’ve had so far.

For mains, we were served Moreton Bay Bugs Salad instead of Crab Salad as stated in the menu. The waitress told us they ran out of crabs, so they had replaced it with Moreton Bay bugs. The taste of fresh bugs mixed with herbs, lemon juice, coriander, mint and coconut milk is heavenly. We were glad they ran out of crabs!

The two other mains were Fish Fillet Curry and Combination Seafood Stir Fry with Vegetables. We couldn’t fault it at all!

Our banquet ended with a choice between Deep Fried Ice Cream and Mixed Tropical Fruit with Ice Cream. Dan & I both went for the Deep Fried Ice Cream. As far as dessert go, this is pretty average, but still a good way to end the night. We will definitely be back for more…..

The Thai Orchid Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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