La Provence

La Provence is a suburbia gem hidden in a quiet corner of Coorparoo. Despite the isolated location, this place has been fully packed almost every time we’ve visited. The owners are traditional French and bring a sense of authenticity to the dining experience, complemented by a friendly team of wait-staff. 

In a strange twist of fate I found myself at La Provence twice this week: 1. for a friend’s birthday on Saturday and 2. for a family get-together on Tuesday – demonstrating how much this place is well-liked by my family and friends. 🙂

The setting is cosy and relaxed, which is well-suited for gatherings with family and friends. What we find intriguing is the cow-themed salt and pepper shaker used throughout the restaurant. I don’t know if it is only a preference of the owners or if it has some relation to the cuisine.

The food not only looked beautiful on the plate and also tasted beautiful on the palate.  My favourite is the Duck Thigh with Orange Sauce.  The meat was tender and well-balanced by the citrusy flavour.  My only criticism is that there is not enough sauce on the plate.

Duck Thigh with Orange Sauce ($33)

I had Deer Medallion with Peach on my other visit.  The gameyness of the meat was well-balanced by the sweetness of the Peach.  In saying that, I still find the meat a bit too tough to my liking.  Maybe deer just isn’t my thing.

Deer Medallion with Peach ($37)

Everyone enjoyed their dishes whilst also suffering a healthy amount of food-envy. 

Traditional Onion Soup with Cheese Croutons ($14)

Pan Roasted Salmon in Puff Pastry with a Crab Sauce ($29)

Almond Trout ($31)

Lamb Cutlets with Hazelnut and Ceps ($35)

Duck Breast with a Morel’s Sauce ($31)

The Mixed Dessert Platter should not be missed if you are after a tasting plate.  The combination may vary each time, giving you the chance to taste the different dessert from the menu.  It is huge and is recommended for sharing. 

Mixed Dessert Platter ($21)

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who would like to try French cuisine without burning a hole in the pocket.   

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