We often start our Saturdays by going for Yum Cha brunch in a Chinese Restaurant in Sunnybank. However, after feasting for 3 weeks in Asia, we decided to deviate from tradition and try a cafe brunch instead.

After reading a few reviews and checking out menus on a few websites, we headed to Cirque in New Farm.

It was very busy when we arrived and there were 2 other groups ahead of us waiting in the line for a table. My first impression was that the cafe must be good for it to be that busy. After about 10 minutes of waiting, we were shown inside to our table.

We ordered a cup of coffee each to start; then leisurely browsed the menu. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we did not feel rushed with our orders. We were spoilt for choices with a few eye-catching dishes on the menu.

We ended up ordering:

• Open Reuben Sandwich with corn beef, dill mayo, pickles, jarlsberg and sauerkraut on sourdough ($12.50) and a side of potato and parmesan rosti ($2.50)

• Poached eggs with salmon fish cakes, lemon and herb mayo and wild rocket ($16)

The Reuben sandwich was tasty and flavoursome. D is not normally a fan of sauerkraut, but he ended up finishing everything on the plate. As for my dish, the eggs were perfectly poached, but I would have enjoyed it even more with a slice of bread or sourdough. The salmon fish cakes were light and delicious. The coffee was pretty good too, helping to keep us going until our meals were served.

We really enjoyed our time at Cirque and will do more weekend cafe dining in the future.

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