Le Bon Choix

Le Bon Choix is a French Patisserie located in the Brisbane CBD. I first discovered it about a year ago and it’s now the place I go to satisfy my cake cravings. The cakes here are wonderfully crafted and amazingly delicious.

It is difficult to explain but their cakes are like a completed puzzle where every part fits together perfectly. The flavours are delicately balanced and all the textures are there.

They have a wide array of treats such as cakes, croissants, pastries, macaroons and coffee.

D & I decided to share a Ham and Cheese croissant ($5.90) for lunch, so we have more room for dessert. This plain-looking croissant actually took my tastebud by surprise – soft, fluffy and full of flavour.

Moving on to dessert, we shared Le Bon Choix ($7), their signature berries mousse and chocolate roulade and L’esperance ($7), a smooth coconut mousse with crunch chocolate pearls and passionfruit jelly.

Le Bon Choix


The ‘Le Bon Choix’ was definitely the choice of the two and, whilst L’esperance was nice, doesn’t compete with some of the other cakes we have tried here.

If you like cake and you haven’t been to Le Bon Choix – don’t let another weekend go to waste!

Le Bon Choix on Urbanspoon

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