Casamia Paris

Casamia Paris is the perfect go-to dessert place for Southsiders for those who prefer a more ‘westernised’ dessert. There are plenty of places that sell Asian desserts such as soy custard, blended ice and bubble tea. As for French-style dessert, I think this is the only cafe this side of town.

It is a small cafe with simple furnishings. On our first visit, the crowd was very loud and noisy, so we took away some desserts and enjoyed it at home. The shop was basically empty during our most recent visit, so we decided to sit down and slowly savour the desserts.

I ordered the Strawberry Delight ($7) and D tried their new Coffee Pudding ($7). My Strawberry Delight was very light and fresh. As for D’s Coffee Pudding, I think it needed a bit more coffee kick.

All their desserts looked beautiful and tasted great. This will definitely be the place we go to satisfy our dessert cravings.

Casamia Paris Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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