Chiangmai Thai

On a return trip from Byron Bay we decided to drop into Changmai Thai at the Gold Coast.  We had heard good things and wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

Purple is the colour of choice at Changmai Thai, a theme that starts with the street sign and even carries itself through to the bathroom (purple neons in a toilet?)

We were feeling particularly indecisive and, after reading in the Menu that it’s a minimum of $25 / head we decided to go for the Banquet ($32.90 each).

The first dish was a Tom Yum Prawns Soup. Whilst the basic flavour was there, it was a lot milder than we would normally make it and lacked the aroma you look for from an authentic tom yum.

Next came the Steamed Vegetables and Rice – we started wondering what had happened to our poor Satay Sticks!  The veges were still crisp and lightly seasoned – thoroughly enjoyable.

Beef Massaman came next.   The beef was gloriously tender and the potatoes soft without being mushy. The thick, creamy gravy was a joy to eat.

The next main arrived, Chicken with Cashewnuts. Whilst a little oily, the mild flavour was enjoyable and the scavenger hunt for cashews – always a treat.

Yet no sign of the satay entree. We decided to ask the waitress about it and off she ran to the kitchen on a secret satay mission.

Time passed, we finished our food and yet the sweet serenade of satay sauce was sadly absent. Finally someone came to clear our plates and we asked again about the fate of our satay sticks. Sadly, it seemed the satay had passed as the waitress said “I will check what the cashier can do”.

The coffee arrived, followed by our lychees with ice cream. The coffee was very strong which helped in keeping us awake for the long drive home.

When the bill came, we saw they had given us a 15% discount to compensate for the missing satay sticks. We left with full stomachs and could not complain too much about missing the satay sticks.

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