Fortune Well SiChuan Restaurant

SiChuan cuisine is becoming our new favourite with the temperature dropping. The hot, spicy and numbing style dishes is well-suited for this cold weather.

Fortune Well is located in Sunny Park, across the road from busy Market Square.

We went there for a late lunch last weekend. Being the sick boy (thanks to me passing on the flu bug), D had the free reign to order.

We ordered his favourite dishes: Kung Po Chicken ($15.60) and Dan Dan Noodle ($5.8).

The Dan Dan Noodle soup was a bit watered down but we still enjoyed it.

The Kung Po chicken was tender and full of flavour. Yum!

We also had the Chopped Green Onion Pancake ($3.6) for entree. It was just ok…crispy but oily.

Whilst not our favourite SiChuan restaurant, the prices are reasonable and the chillis will warm you up this winter.

Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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