Pintxo Tapas Train

Last Tuesday, I caught up with a few friends who recently returned from an overseas trip. We chose Pinxto as they have 2-for-1 tapas on Tuesdays.

Tapas is a Spanish version of snacks, canapés or finger food. Hence, when we heard about Pinxto offering a Tapas Train dining, we thought it was a brilliant concept. Not only it is casual dining, it presented us with an opportunity to try out this new cuisine in small portions.

We arrived early and were the first seated in the tapas train section. There was no hot food on train yet, so the waitress suggested us to place our orders with her instead.

We ordered a variety of dishes from the menu.

Costillas De Cerdo (Slow-cooked Spanish Style Pork Ribs) $6
Calamares Fritas (Fried calamari with garlic and saffron aioli) $5
Albondigas (Beef meatballs with tomato sauce) $5
Pulpo La Gallega (Paprika Spiced Octopus) $6
Patatas Bravas (Twiced cooked potatos in Bravas sauce) $4
Aceitunas Fritas (Stuffed & Fried Green Olives) $6
Aceitunas Mezclades (Marinated Olives) $4
Crema Catalana (Spanish Creme Brulee) $10

Thinking back, I think we have tried almost everything on their menu. My personal favourite was the Vieiras En Cava (Scallops in creamy champagne sauce). Fresh, tender scallops in a sweet creamy sauce, YUM!

Vieiras En Cava (Scallops in creamy champagne sauce) $6

The other favourites among my friends were Chorizo (Spanish Pork Sausage) and Churros (Spanish Doughnut).

Chorizo (Spanish Pork Sausage with Lentils) $5
Churros (Spanish Doughnut) $10

As the night progressed, more customers arrived and they started putting hot food on the train. However, the only flaw was that they were not topping up new dishes fast enough. They were only bringing out a few plates at a time and depending on where you were seated, the food might be taken by the time it reached you.

My advice is to order directly from the staff, which may seem to defeats the purpose of the train, but at least you are getting freshly cooked food. The staff seemed very attentive and friendly, which is a bonus.

We girls had an enjoyable experience and would certainly recommend this place for a fun night out.

Edited 27th May 2014: This restaurant is now closed

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