Last Meal at Bretts Wharf

Last week we received an email stating that Bretts Wharf will be closing down on the 2nd September 2012. Their business had suffered since the announcement by council to resume the land and then cancelling the plan later – when their other bookings had already been cancelled.

We go to Bretts Wharf annually and have celebrated several special occasions there. This was not the first time we received news about their closure, but we felt like we are really going to miss this place.

We decided to make a trip there for a last meal before they close. They seemed very busy and the restaurant was ‘almost’ full.

For starters we order sourdough with hazelnut dukkah ($3). The sourdough was hot, straight out of the oven (or reheated). It was a great way to start the meal.

We then moved on to the next appetiser, barramundi and tiger prawns spring roll with garlic ginger dressing and lime ($16). It was my first time eating a seafood style spring roll and I really liked it. The lime and ginger dressing cut through the fishiness of the seafood and was perfect.

For mains, I was looking for the seafood platter that I had almost every year, but it was not on the menu. The closest thing was the seafood platter for two. I somehow managed to convince D to share it with me. 🙂

It was a plate of Chermoula prawns, grilled Moreton Bay Bugs, crispy squid, grilled Kilpatrick oysters with lemon butter sauce ($94). I have to admit the price has gone up by a lot since our last visit. The prawns were a bit salty for me, but the rest was great: squid was light and crispy, bugs were perfectly grilled (just wished it was bigger) and oysters were just delicious. D doesn’t really like oysters so I had most of it to myself. Yay! 🙂

That brings us to the end of dining at Bretts Wharf. I also found pictures of our first dinner at Bretts Wharf back in 2008, to give this post a closure. Enjoy!

Grilled Moreton Bay Bugs

Seafood Platter

Bretts Wharf Seafood on Urbanspoon

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