Chocolate Pavillion

Last weekend, we visited Westfield Carindale to check out their new wing. Not being a regular shopper at Carindale, I can’t really comment on what had changed. However, the only thing I can say is that it is starting to look a lot like Westfield Chermside.

Their new food court featured quite a number of restaurants and cafes. Since we have already had lunch, we decided to try out the dessert at Chocolate Pavillion.

Our first impression was that it was quite an impressive dessert bar with a ‘dessert train’ concept. However, upon closer inspection, there weren’t many dessert options on the train which was a bit disappointing.

There is a chocolate store at the front of the shop and some emphasis that they were selling Mary Chocolate from Brussels. Reading reviews online, some called it the ‘best chocolate in the world’. However, I didn’t get to try that and might check it out another time to see if it lives up to the hype.

We ended up ordering the Jaffa Dome ($13) and a Chocolate Butterscotch/Caramel frappe? ($7.50). Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get the exact name of the drink. Gosh, it sounds like I was rather disorganised that day.  🙂

No doubt, the Jaffa Dome was rich and flavoursome – chocolate and orange are a perfect match.

Overall, the experience didn’t really ‘wow’ us. We found the menu items to be slightly overpriced and menu options quite repetitive (with minor variations). The service was alright and some staff was more attentive and friendlier than others. Would I go back again?  Hmm…maybe not.

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