Whilst having a leisurely walk around New Farm we stumbled across Choquette. Though we had heard good reviews from friends, we had never tried it for ourselves.

There was not a lot of seating but the casual-eating layout allowed for communal eating with strangers along a bar type setup. It was about 12:30pm and the place was packed so we decided to take-away some of their delectable pastries.

After much consideration (indecisive us) we selected:

  • Chocolate Tarte
  • Pain au Raisins (Raisin Pastry)
  • Pastry with apple filling

The Chocolate Tarte was very rich and chocolatey (as you’d expect) but was more gelatinous than we expected. It was still enjoyable but not the best chocolate tart we’ve ever eaten.

The raisin pastry was ‘just ok’ and perhaps slightly overcooked. We were a little disappointed as we fell in love with these things during our trip to Montreal.


The pastry with apple filling however was delicious and had just the right balance of light, crispy pastry and apple filling.

Having now tasted a few of the items on offer, I can understand why Choquette is so popular given the relatively limited pastry choices around town. Perhaps we will make our way back there again to try a few more…

Chouquette on Urbanspoon

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