Berryme is a cute-looking frozen yoghurt shop located in Kelvin Grove Village. Pink walls, white tables and pastel green chairs – looks fresh and cute for a dessert shop. The self-serve concept is very simple. Pick a cup, Choose flavour(s), Add toppings & Weigh and pay. I have tried all the flavours and liked them … Continue reading

Aja Coffeehouse

Aja Coffeehouse is located in Elizabeth Arcade facing Charlotte Street.   Unlike other busy cafes in the city, this one looks dark and quiet from outside. The first impression changed as I walked in. Dimly lit, chandelier and comfy couch, it is certainly classier than any ordinary cafe. We ordered a regular mocha, banana bread … Continue reading

The Bean Bank

With limited food choices in Ballina, we trusted TripAdvisor with our breakfast selection.  No.1 on the list was The Bean Bank, boasting the best coffee in Ballina. A convenient, short walk from the hotel, The Bean Bank is a small and unassuming cafe with signage promoting ‘Bean in Love’ coffee beans. Thankfully it was open … Continue reading

Road trip to Northern NSW

Thanks to the Queen, we have an extra day of public holiday this year. To me, it was a much needed break as it was the end of my one week mid-semester break. I needed the time off from both work and studies to rest and recharge before I power on full-speed for another month … Continue reading