Road trip to Northern NSW

Thanks to the Queen, we have an extra day of public holiday this year. To me, it was a much needed break as it was the end of my one week mid-semester break. I needed the time off from both work and studies to rest and recharge before I power on full-speed for another month till the end of the semester.

We decided to go for a drive down south to Northern New South Wales, where D grew up. It was fun listening to his childhood stories as if we were reliving it again.

Our first stop was at Kingscliff for lunch. We recharged on a scrumptious meal and then continued our journey down south.

The next stop was Ballina where we had booked a place to stay for the night. It was a peaceful and quiet coastal town.

The next morning, we headed west to Lismore and Casino where D spent most of his childhood years.  Finally, after taking a few pictures for keepsake, we commenced our journey back home.

One thought on “Road trip to Northern NSW

  1. Glad to hear that u had a lovely holiday :-)I love small town more than big city as the ambiance is always so peaceful and slow đŸ˜€

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