Post exams celebration @ ARIA Brisbane

Dear friends and readers,

I am finally back in blogosphere. The past month has been very hectic with work, study and other commitments. I am glad to announce that I completed my final exams last Friday and have regained my freedom. Hooray!

Since Friday, I have had multiple post-uni celebrations with family and friends, starting with lunch at ARIA right after the exam.

ARIA does lunch ‘specials’ for $36 for 1 course, $56 for 2 courses and $72 for 3 courses.

Whilst D settled for two courses I was greedy and went for three.  It was a celebration for me after all 🙂

We started with entree of twice cooked pork belly with apple puree and endive salad and seared scallop served with smoked pork, watercress and almond gazpacho.  Pork belly was very tender and went very well with the apple puree.  Pork and apple, definitely the perfect match. 

Twice-cooked Pork Belly with Apple Puree and Endive Salad

The smokiness of the pork covered the entire scallop dish, but surprisingly tasted good. D wasn’t a fan of scallop, but enjoyed the smoky taste of the scallops.

Seared Scallop served with Smoked Pork, Watercress and Almond Gazpacho

For mains, I had the roast lamb cutlet and confit breast with caponata, baby peppers and spinach puree and D had the sirloin steak. The lamb cutlet was really tender and tasty.  However, I find the lamb breast a bit too gamey for me.

Lamb Cutlet and Confit Breast with Caponata, Baby Peppers and Spinach Puree

The steak looked simple, but it was cooked to perfection – medium-rare, just as how we wanted it to be.  The waitstaff brought it out with a selection of sauce: bearnaise, chimichurri, mustard and horseradish.  D asked for the bearnaise and chimichurri.  Personally, I preferred the creaminess of the bearnaise and secretly wished I ordered the steak instead =P

Sirloin Steak

For desserts, we shared the black forest with cherry sorbet, mascarpone and chocolate jelly.  The dish looked more like a deconstructed black forest.  The individual elements looked pretty on the plated, but tasted better when combined together.

Black Forest with Cherry Sorbet, Mascarpone and Chocolate Jelly

To finish off, we were served with a complimentary petit fours.   The theme was ‘orange’: orange flavoured turkish delight with a really strong blood-orange gel, orange truffle and some-sort of an orange cake.

Petit Fours

I went to ARIA a couple of years ago for dinner and was a bit disappointed.  I must say that this lunch experience has changed my mind about ARIA.  I really enjoyed the food and service (or I could be really tired after a long week and grateful that my exams was over).

Aria Brisbane on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Post exams celebration @ ARIA Brisbane

  1. We were there couple years ago n was disappointed too but same like u went back for lunch recently and was greatly surprised n pleased 🙂

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