Ganaching a Square Cake

Last year I learnt how to ganache my own round cake. This year, I decided to expand my repertoire by working on a square cake. I’ve been asked questions such as “what’s the difference between a square and round cake as they are both cake anyway?” Well, round cakes are easier to ganache and cover compared to … Continue reading

Pink Gradient Rose

I am a fan of Cotton and Crumbs cake design.  I can never browse past their cake pictures without stopping and admiring the gradient dark to light coloured roses. Last week, we had the opportunity to practice this style on our roses.   Using individually wired petals, we built up on one of the roses created … Continue reading

Chinese New Year dinner at the Manor Chinese Restaurant

Chinese New Year (CNY) is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar.   It is a lunisolar calendar, incorporating elements from both the lunar and solar calendar.   Traditionally, the CNY Eve dinner is an important event where family members reunite for a big feast. This year, my friends organised a … Continue reading

Gum Paste Roses from Cake Decorating Class

Last Sunday, my cake buddy Ingrid & I started our second series of cake decorating class at CakeAge.  We were looking forward to enrich our skills with a 4-weeks series of roses and square cake.  After devoting the second half of last year to my postgraduate studies, I was really keen to get back to … Continue reading


Frozen Yoghurt is returning to the Brisbane dessert scene with an explosion of different shops offering a similar concept.  Nominom is another frozen yoghurt shop using the model of self serve, weigh and pay.  Recently open at Elizabeth Street in the city, D had visited a few time and raved about it. Yesterday as we … Continue reading