New Shanghai

After taking a break for nearly two months to recover from the cruise, we are finally continuing our food journey in Brisbane.

Our first stop was New Shanghai. It is a new dumpling-style Chinese restaurant located at Queens Plaza. It has the same oriental style ambience as some other dumpling-style restaurants, with a window to the dumpling kitchen where you can watch the staff filling the dumplings.

New Shanghai

We ordered a shallot pancake ($6), salt and pepper tofu (?), xiao lung bao (soup dumpling) ($7.5), and Sichuan style sauce stir fried with pork mince dry noodles (9.9). The salt and pepper tofu was just average and could be a bit saltier. On the other hand, the shallot pancake was extremely salty. It may be best to eat both together to balance out the saltiness 🙂

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Shallot Pancakes

Xiao lung bao (soup dumpling) was soupy inside – just as they as should be. We were expecting the Sichuan noodles to be spicy, but they were not. However, it was still saucy and delicious.

Xiao Lung Bao

SiChuan stir fried noodles

Unfortunately service wasn’t their strong suit. When we were there a few other tables were waiting to have their orders taken and had difficulty getting the attention of a waiter. There also seemed to be a separation of duties between ushers and waiters. The ushers were not allowed to take orders, which seemed quite frustrating for some tables as they watched the busy waiters running around the restaurant.

Overall we enjoyed our visit to New Shanghai and wouldn’t mind going back if we had a craving for dumplings & couldn’t be bothered going to the valley!

New Shanghai on Urbanspoon

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