Sweets for the sweet spirited

Last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day to honour the mothers and mother-figures in our midst. We put up a spread of sweets in church for the enjoyment of the mothers. It is a special day for them and we wanted them to feel likewise. The sweets menu for the day was: Coconut Ice Milk and … Continue reading

Top Hot Pot

It’s that time of the year again, winter is coming and we are craving for hotpot.  We were tossing up between a few hot pot places in Sunnybank and ended up going to Top Hot Pot. There were 5 of us and it was easier to have an individual soup each.  The hot pot buffet … Continue reading

Road Trip to Coffs Harbour

I recently went for a road trip to Coffs Harbour with the extended family.  While searching for places to go on our long weekend, I decided on Coffs Harbour simply because I hadn’t been there.  Accommodations were slightly more affordable than other more ‘touristy’ places (e.g.: Byron Bay, Noosa) as well. The drive took about … Continue reading

Cafe Les Amoureux

Cafe Lex Amourex is the only non-Asian restaurant at Market Square.  Being a frequent food hunter at Market Square, it is strange that I never considered going to Cafe Lex Amourex. I changed my mind when I recently had to organise a get together a.k.a. reunion for a group of friends with a couple of … Continue reading