Top Hot Pot

It’s that time of the year again, winter is coming and we are craving for hotpot.  We were tossing up between a few hot pot places in Sunnybank and ended up going to Top Hot Pot.

There were 5 of us and it was easier to have an individual soup each.  The hot pot buffet ($25.90 pp) includes an individual pot of soup per person, a range of meat and vegetables, noodles and canned drinks.

Hot Pot

Drinks at Top Hot Pot

The idea behind the buffet is that you can keep ordering until you’ve had enough. We started with a range of fish & prawn balls, mushrooms, meat slices and vegetables – we soon realised that was more than enough!




There was also a self service section for dipping sauces.  Love the variety!



The soup was tasty but to be honest, it’s more or less the same as every other hot pot place.  However, this would be a great choice if you like your own soup and don’t want to worry about what others might or might not like.

Edited 27th April 2014: This restaurant is now closed

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