What have I been up to recently?

Dear Readers,

Warning: The blog post below may contain a lot of cutesy pictures.

I know I have been guilty of not keeping my blog up-to-date.  However, I do have a very good reason for it (I hope).

In early May this year, we bought a new addition to the family.  Yes, ‘bought’!  After years of convincing from D, I finally gave in and welcomed the idea of having a dog.   Growing up, I had always been afraid of dogs.  In the past few years, D had been telling me all the fun and wonderful stories of his previous dog.   Of course, along with the cutesy pictures I see online, it finally rubbed off on me.

We did a bit of research on the breed of dogs and had our eyes set on a Maltese X Shih Tzu.  With my history of fearing dogs, we thought it is best to start with a small cutesy one as our first pet.  I even came up with the name before we bought dog.

So, one fine day in May, we drove the a pet shop in Ipswich.  We saw a litter of 5 MalShi puppies and I fell in love instantly with the female pup with tan ears.  As this was our first stop, we didn’t want to make a hasty decision to bring her home.  We went on to look at another pet shop in Brisbane but thankfully didn’t find any pups that we like.  In the end, we drove back to Ipswich and bought the first puppy I fell in love with.   That was the first time I held a puppy, ever.

Fluffball from pet shop

The day we brought Fluffball home

Welcome home, little Fluffball McNuggets.   Fluffball has changed our lifestyle ever since.  We need to be home on time to make sure she fed, be consistent is training her, be patient with her making a mess and disposing wherever she likes, and the list goes on.

Fluffball on her strawberry house Playing on the weed garden

Fluffball with ball Playful Fluffball

A walk to the park Fluffball Fluffball munching carrots

Puppy pre-school graduation Birthday Fluffball

Hopefully you can understand why I haven’t been able to sit in front of a computer and complete a blog post.

If you are a pet lover and would like to follow Fluffball’s journey, please follow her page on instagram.

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