Cupcakes for RSPCA fundraising

A pet lover (a.k.a. The Top Cat) at work organised a fundraising Cupcake Day for RSPCA.  The funds raised will be used to promote and carry out animal welfare.  Being a pet owner, I was being volunteered to bake cupcakes.  Yippie yaya! The theme was quite obvious: animal!   Since I love dogs, or at least my … Continue reading

High Tea at The Cobble Stone Tea House

Our next high tea adventure led us to The Cobble Stone Tea House.   It is a ‘very small’ tea house located in New Farm. By ‘very small’, I mean it is unlikely that this place will fit more than 15 people in each sitting.  There were only 2 groups today: our table of 5 and the … Continue reading

Strawberries and Cream Cake

What cake should you make for a strawbeari3 girl?  A strawberry cake, of course! Yes, that is what my dear hubby made for me to bring to work.  It was super moist and delicious.  Not forgetting to mention that it looked good too! If you were wondering which recipe he used, *hint* *hint* ‘Thanks Betty … Continue reading