High Tea at The Cobble Stone Tea House

Our next high tea adventure led us to The Cobble Stone Tea House.   It is a ‘very small’ tea house located in New Farm.

The Cobble Stone Tea House

By ‘very small’, I mean it is unlikely that this place will fit more than 15 people in each sitting.  There were only 2 groups today: our table of 5 and the other table of 8.  It was just enough room to move around.  One of us even joked that our living room is more spacious that this place. 🙂  Besides being a small venue, Cobble Stone is only open from Thursday to Sunday.   With this in mind, you will need to make a reservation before you turn up.

The high tea menu includes unlimited tea and coffee.  They have quite a good range of tea and you are not locked down to one pot of tea.  Being a tea lover, I tried Rose Grey and Lady Grey and liked both.  Their coffee was very good too, according to my friend.


Vienna Coffee - double shot espresso with whipped cream

Vienna Coffee – double shot espresso with whipped cream



They claimed that everything is made fresh on the day and it was quite evident when we tasted the food.

Starting from the first tier, the ribbon sandwiches were soft and fresh.  The mini tarts were my favourite.  The pastry was crumbly and buttery and it tasted as-if it just came out of the oven.

High Tea - savories

The second tier consisted of scones with jam and cream and a blueberry citrus tart.  The scones were just average as it was a bit too ‘cakey’ for my liking.  However, the blueberry tarts were magnificent.  Again, the pastry was really good and the blueberry and citrus filling added a good strong flavour to it.

High Tea - scones

Finally, we moved up to the desserts tier.   I have to admit that I am not a fan of meringue, but this one took me by surprise.  The meringue drop had chocolate chips and nuts inside which balanced its sweetness.  The pistachio and rosewater nougat, chocolate brownie and almond cookie were quite good too, but at this point I was too full to really enjoy them.

High Tea - sweets

Overall, the food was amazing and the service was good.  The only thing that took away from this experience was the ambience which I found a bit lacking in ‘wow’ factor, most probably because of the small setting.  However, this can be easily forgotten with good food and good company.

The Cobble Stone Tea House on Urbanspoon

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