Mooncake Festival a. k. a. Mid-Autumn festival is approaching and my girlfriends & I decided to have a go at making mooncakes.  Mooncake is a Chinese pastry, traditionally eaten during this festival.  Our contemporary celebration revolves around a feast with family and friends and eating mooncakes.   If there are kids around we would also walk around the neighbourhood with a decorative lantern.

I had attempted to make mooncakes last year but it did not work out. This year I was determined to succeed and did more reading online for good recipes and tips.

I started with making my own black sesame paste for the filling. It was relatively easy with my new kitchen tool, Thermomix. It tasted very authentic, but a bit grainy. I will have to adjust the recipe and add a bit more water next time.

Black Sesame

We made three different types of skins for the mooncake: snowskin, traditional and butterskin. My friend also brought her homemade custard paste and red bean paste.  Therefore, we can proudly say that everything is homemade 🙂

Batch 1: Snowskin with various filling

Snowskin Mooncake

Batch 2: Butterskin with custard filling

Butterskin Mooncake with Custard filling

Batch 3: Traditional skin with red bean filling

Traditional Mooncake

Final fun batch: Little Piggy

Piggy Mooncake

We were very happy with the outcome and I can finally add mooncakes to my repertoire. 🙂

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all my friends who are celebrating!

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