Almond Milk

This week I ventured into nut-based milk. I made two types of nut milk: almond and macadamia. The good news – I loved the almond milk. It was mild and easy on the palate, even for people who don’t like almonds. As for macadamia milk, I couldn’t stand its flavour. It also had quite a strong after taste which lingered around my tastebuds for a long time. Unfortunately I had to throw most of it away as both D & I didn’t want to drink it and wouldn’t inflict it on others either. For this reason, I will only be sharing the recipe for almond milk, but it is very similar to the one used for macademia milk, apart from soaking. I made this using a Thermomix (TM) but you can make it using other food processors too for the blending part.

Almond Milk

100 grams of raw almond
A pinch of salt for soaking
1 litre of filtered water (I used boiled water)
2 dates
40 grams of raw sugar

1. Soak 100 grams of almond with a pinch of salt in water for 12 – 24 hours. ‘This is called the ‘activation’ process which deactivates the enzymes and allows the body to absorb all the nutrients from the almonds.’

2. Rinse the soaked almonds and pour them into the TM bowl.

3. Add 400 grams of water, dates and raw sugar in the TM bowl.

4. Blend for 1 minute on speed 8.

5. Add the remaining 600 grams of water to the TM bowl.

6. Mix it for 2 minutes at 50 degrees on speed 2.

7. Strain it and serve warm/cold.

If you prefer a smoother texture, strain it through a cheesecloth or muslin cloth.

This will keep for 3 days.

Do not throw away the almond pulps as you can toast it in the oven and turn it into sweetened almond meal.


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