Hardware Société

Hardware Société is one of the trendy breakfast/brunch place that has made a name for themselves as THE place to go for breakfast in Melbourne.  Located in a lane-way of Hardware Street, the cafe is most identifiable by the long queues of people, anxiously awaiting a table and dearly hoping that it lives up to the hype.

Queuing up at Hardware Societe

Despite coming fairly early, we too found ourselves queued up, waiting with anticipation. After waiting for about 10 minutes a customer walked out and proclaimed to the wait staff that “It was worth the wait!”. We were seated around 10 minutes later (20mins total wait).


Once seated we went about taking photos and ordered our usual: skinny mocha for me and flat white for D.

Flat White

This is where the fun began as the mocha arrived in two cups, one a standard coffee cup with a shot of espresso, the other a small jug of melted chocolate mixed with milk.


Best Mocha Ever!

D tasted the espresso with a spoon and confirmed it was very good. I commenced mixing the coffee and chocolate, the result – the best mocha I have EVER tasted. *thumbs up*

For our meals, I ordered the baked eggs with chorizo ($18).

Baked Eggs

D ordered a fairly unexciting sounding a Fried Eggs with bacon ($18).

Fried Eggs

Both dishes were lovely and left us feeling warm and content (despite the cold weather). The surprise in D’s dish was the maple something’s onions which really lifted the dish.

After we finished the egg dishes, we decided to share a small dessert and ordered a Canele ($4). It was not something we’d tried before so we cannot really compare it with anything.


The pasty a little chewy yet still enjoyed it thanks to the lovely French custard filling.


Hardware Societe do a great breakfast but like other popular food joints in Melbourne, you need to be prepared to queue up.  That said, it was a lovely experience and we would definitely return the next time we visit Melbourne.


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