Billy Kart Kitchen

We are back to our usual Saturday routine – brunch followed by grocery shopping and household chores.  This week we chose to go someplace new for brunch and went to Billy Kart Kitchen which we’ve read rave reviews about.

Located at the intersection of Eric Crescent and Glendale Grove, the shop stood out with its blue paint.

Billy Kart Kitchen

There were a few people in the line when we arrived, but it didn’t take long before we were seated.  There were empty tables for 4 inside the cafe, but we had to wait for a table for 2 to be vacant.  We didn’t mind the wait that as it gave me an opportunity to snap some photos of the place.

Billy Kart Kitchen

We started with our usuals,  Skinny Mocha ($3.7) for me and Skinny Flat White ($3.7) for D.

Skinny Mocha

For brunch, I ordered Aussie Asian Egg with King Prawns, Bacon and Chilli ($21.50).   It was slightly expensive, but was the only thing on the menu that interested me.  The fried eggs had crispy sides and were tasty, just how I remembered having it in Malaysia. The 2 king prawns were fresh and juicy and there were stacks of bacon on the plate. It was quite nice, however, I felt like it needed bread or something to bring it all together.

Aussie Asian Eggs

D had the Free Range Organic Poached Eggs with Sourdough ($9) with a side of Smoked Bacon ($5) and Apple and Cider Pork Sausage ($6).  D went with this option as none of the other menu items appealed to him. The bacon, eggs and sausages were all quite nice but once again quite pricey overall. The presentation was very basic and D felt a little more effort could go into it given the competition these days.

Poached Eggs, Bacon and Apple & Cider Sausages

And finally, a Doughnut ($3.50) for us to share.  It was quite enjoyable and a good way to finish the meal.


Perhaps the hype set us up with unrealistic expectations but with so many good options for breakfast and brunch these days, we felt a little let down by Billy Kart Kitchen.

Billy Kart Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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