Ramen Champion

We were very excited when we saw signage for a new ramen shop a couple of weeks ago at Sunnybank’s Sunny Park Shopping Centre.  I love the comfort of having a big bowl of ramen soup and with Hakataya Noodles leading the pack, a bit of competition is always welcomed.

Ramen Champion

Ramen ChampionWe wasted no time in checking this new place out.  We started with a plate of Gyoza ($4.90).  I think it was very reasonably priced for 6 pieces of pan-fried goodness.

GyozaI had the Spicy Champion ($11.50) – spicy noodle soup, pork mince, bean sprouts and eggs.  The taste was good and I really enjoyed it.  It was a good comfort food and perfect for the cold weather.

Spicy ChampionD ordered the Curry Men Champion ($12.90).  I could sense that he didn’t like it as the noodles were cold and the curry sauce was not hot enough to warm the noodles. The noodles were also slightly gluggy so overall we were not very impressed.

Curry Men ChampionThe verdict, we will definitely be back to try out their other noodle soups, but may steer clear of the dry/cold noodles.


Ramen Champion on Urbanspoon

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