Early Birthday Dinner @ Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar

My birthday was coming up and Miss Curious (MissC) offered to take me out for a celebration dinner. After choosing a few places and changing my mind a few times, we ended up at Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar.

Bird's Nest Yakitori

The layout was very modern and we could even see the food being grilled from the window.


Not long after we were seated we were served a cup of complimentary chicken and ginger broth. It was meant to be a palate cleanser and we loved it.  It was hot (perfect for the cold weather) and very light.

Chicken Broth

The meat skewers were mainly chicken and a couple of pork ones. This is not surprising as ‘Yakitori’ means ‘grilled chicken’ in Japanese. The price for individual skewer is between $3-$4. We ordered one of each of the chicken meat skewers, King Oyster Mushroom skewer, the two special skewers of the day, Grilled Rice Ball ($4) and Organic Silken Tofu ($8.50).


The skewers were grilled to order and came out one at a time as they were ready. We waited till all the skewers were served so we could take a nice photo.


The concept was cool and the service was friendly, but unfortunately it stopped there. The food was alright, but a tad on the expensive side and it did not wow us.  The meat was nicely cooked, but the taste was a bit plain. The subtle differences between each skewers left us feeling slightly underwhelmed.

We left not feeling fully satisfied with the meal, hoping that dessert across the road at Three Monkeys would fill us up.

On a different note, I was blessed by MissC’s friendship for nearly a decade.   Thank you for being there when I needed help or just wanted to vent my frustrations.  🙂  Cheers and look forward to another decade of friendship!


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One thought on “Early Birthday Dinner @ Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar

  1. I had same experience at very expensive Bird’s Nest/ Yakitori Bar West End. Very plain taste and nothing really special at all. Yakitori in Japan well known as a quick and cheap food. But taste far better than Birds Nest / Yakitori Bar. In addition, those two owner only spent 3 months ist Yakitori Bar in Tokyo and learned how to cook. Then they showed their husband how to cook and prepare Yakitori. It means they are not a master Yakitori chef and we all can do it. Now feel so strange to see them on Chanel 9!!! What do they know about food, really.

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