Exciting News

Hello friends,

If you hadn’t noticed this blog has been silent for several months. I have not given up on blogging, rather I have just been too busy, tired and unwell to sustain this hobby. I am slooowly trying to get back to blogging though so stay tuned.

As the title suggests we do have exciting news coming up. Our little princess, Fluffball McNuggets has been chosen to deliver the announcement.


Big Sister FB

Big Sister FB

Yes, there is a baby on the way! We are now 32 weeks and nearing the end of our journey.

It wasn’t an easy journey but I know it will be totally worth it. I suffered from morning sickness for the first 4 months and had lost all appetite to eat – thus no food blogging. Recently, I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and am now on a controlled diet. Therefore, eating out is now limited to very special/rare occasions.

There are 2 more months to go and we are very excited to meet the little one.

Big Sister FB

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