Kabuki Teppanyaki

I have always wanted to visit a Teppanyaki restaurant in Brisbane ever since I was introduced to it by a friend over 5 years ago.  Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisne that uses an iron griddle to cook food.  Some restaurants add a bit of theatrical flair with the cooking and serving of the food.   Kabuki Teppanyaki at Stamford Plaza has been on my wish list ever since I found out they do teppanyaki with the theatrical style.


For a little treat this week I joined the Supper Club ladies for a night out.   All of us ordered the Kanpai Special Teppanyaki ($39.50) that is only available on Monday to Thursday.  It consisted of two selections of meat or seafood from the Group A and Group B menu plus salad, appetiser, miso soup, vegetables, fried rice and fruit.  I chose Salmon and Moreton Bay Buys while the others chose a combination of Scallops, Chicken and Lobster Tail.

Dish to cook

Firstly, I will start with reviewing the food.  For starters we had garden salad, sweet & sour salmon and miso soup.  I only had the miso soup which was good as far as miso soup goes, nothing extraordinary.   My friend who had the salad and sweet and sour salmon said it was just average.


The chef then went on to cook our dishes on the griddle. My salmon was cooked very well done, just as I wanted it (pregnancy diet doesn’t show any grace for undercooked food).  It was well seasoned, tasty and not dry at all as one would expect from a well-done salmon.


An assortment of vegetables (wombok, oyster mushrooms, etc) were cooked and served next.


The moreton bay bugs were cooked to perfection – soft and tender.

Moreton Bay Bugs

The lobster tail however was a bit tough and chewy.   I wasn’t sure if that was meant to be, but didn’t like it as much in comparison to the moreton bay bugs.

Lobster Tail

Following that came the theatrical experience.  The chef gave each one of us a small bowl to catch the flying egg.  I decided to opt out as the excitement (stress) might be a bit too much for the baby.  Either his tossing skills were good or my friends had good catching skills, all of them managed to catch the raw eggs without it breaking and spilling all over them.


The chef then went on to cook us fried rice and served it up on bowls and asked us to catch.  Again, the ladies didn’t fail to impress by successfully catching their bowl of rice.



Even though I did not participate in the theatrics, I really enjoyed watching them.  One of the other station ordered something different and there were flames flaring up on their cooking station.


To end the meal, we were served a small plate of fruit each.


It was fun to watch the chef cook in front of us and even more exciting when he started throwing food and asking you to catch them! We had a really fun night topped with good food.  I am glad I finally get to tick another restaurant off my wish list.

Salt Art

NOTE: This restaurant is in the Entertainment Book, so we were entitled to 25% discount of the entire bill for up to $40 off.

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