Rainbow Cake

I was asked by a colleague of mine to make a cake for her friend’s baby shower. It was themed around ‘Rainbow’, so she specifically requested a Rainbow Cake. I looked around for ideas and found that the ‘naked’ style cake has become a recent trend. This style is perfect for a Rainbow Cake because … Continue reading

Fondant Cookies

My favorite cake decorating book on the shelf is Peggy’s Favourite Cakes & Cookies by Peggy Porschen.   I love her style that is sweet and romantic but not over the top.  I have referred to this book many times my cake decorating inspirations.  This is also the book that got me interested in fondant cookies. … Continue reading

Pink Ribbon Day 2013

Of all the fundraising bakes that I have done this year, my favourite is the Pink Ribbon Day. The answer is quite obvious! It’s my favourite colour and I can easily whip something pink out from my pantry. 🙂 I found a pink ribbon cookie cutter from Wheel & Barrow a few weeks ago and … Continue reading


Mooncake Festival a. k. a. Mid-Autumn festival is approaching and my girlfriends & I decided to have a go at making mooncakes.  Mooncake is a Chinese pastry, traditionally eaten during this festival.  Our contemporary celebration revolves around a feast with family and friends and eating mooncakes.   If there are kids around we would also … Continue reading