Cafe in Tokyo

Cafe in Tokyo has become our new breakfast hangout. Nestled within a small shopping complex on Algester Road they offer a unique dining experience serving both a breakfast menu and Japanese menu throughout the day. Their breakfast menu contains the standard faire of things like eggs benedict, french toast and pancakes but many of them … Continue reading

Tea and Niceties Cafe

Tea and Niceties is one of my favourite tearooms and the best I have been to so far. I have been there 3 times and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants an elegant style of dining with food to match. Tea and Niceties relocated to a new venue early this year and branched … Continue reading

Billy Kart Kitchen

We are back to our usual Saturday routine – brunch followed by grocery shopping and household chores.  This week we chose to go someplace new for brunch and went to Billy Kart Kitchen which we’ve read rave reviews about. Located at the intersection of Eric Crescent and Glendale Grove, the shop stood out with its … Continue reading


Streat Cafe (Flemington) represents a noble enterprise where troubled or disadvantaged youth are given employment and receive training in the hospitality industry. My sister-in-law recommended this place to us and we were not disappointed. The cafe itself reflects their mission in its modesty but this also leaves the food to do the talking. It was … Continue reading

Hardware Société

Hardware Société is one of the trendy breakfast/brunch place that has made a name for themselves as THE place to go for breakfast in Melbourne.  Located in a lane-way of Hardware Street, the cafe is most identifiable by the long queues of people, anxiously awaiting a table and dearly hoping that it lives up to … Continue reading