Pink Ruffles and Bows Birthday Cake

Ever since I acquired some nifty cake decorating skills, I have been dreaming of what my birthday cake would look like (and praying I could actually make it). It was a milestone birthday for me this year and I wanted something really special to tie in with the celebration. I know it sounds crazy, but … Continue reading

Square Cake with Pink Damask Stencilling and Pink Rose

Everything started to come together in the last class. We covered the cake that was ganached earlier with fondant. It was a very tricky exercise especially with the sharp edges that needed to be taken into account. It was definitely harder than a round cake! With great patience and some (a lot of!) help from my teacher, … Continue reading

Ganaching a Square Cake

Last year I learnt how to ganache my own round cake. This year, I decided to expand my repertoire by working on a square cake. I’ve been asked questions such as “what’s the difference between a square and round cake as they are both cake anyway?” Well, round cakes are easier to ganache and cover compared to … Continue reading

Gum Paste Roses from Cake Decorating Class

Last Sunday, my cake buddy Ingrid & I started our second series of cake decorating class at CakeAge.  We were looking forward to enrich our skills with a 4-weeks series of roses and square cake.  After devoting the second half of last year to my postgraduate studies, I was really keen to get back to … Continue reading