Pink Ruffles and Bows Birthday Cake

Ever since I acquired some nifty cake decorating skills, I have been dreaming of what my birthday cake would look like (and praying I could actually make it). It was a milestone birthday for me this year and I wanted something really special to tie in with the celebration. I know it sounds crazy, but … Continue reading

Chocolate Indulgence Birthday Cake

My recent cake work was for a 21st birthday celebration. I was told that the birthday girl loves chocolate and her favourite colour is mauve. I made a chocolate mud cake, layered and covered with chocolate ganache. As if that is not chocolatey enough, it was topped with white and dark chocolate shavings. The cake … Continue reading

Ganaching a Square Cake

Last year I learnt how to ganache my own round cake. This year, I decided to expand my repertoire by working on a square cake. I’ve been asked questions such as “what’s the difference between a square and round cake as they are both cake anyway?” Well, round cakes are easier to ganache and cover compared to … Continue reading