Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ

Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ is one of the new restaurants in Sunnybank Hills. It is located in Farne Street, right behind Pinelands Plaza. I only found out about this place during a night out with my workmates. I couldn’t believe that I drive past the area everyday without realising the existence of this new strip … Continue reading

Spicy Chicken Stew (Dak Doritang)

I have recently added another Korean dish to my repertoire. We have had this a few times in the restaurant and loved the taste. It is unbelievably simple, yet tasty. Here’s how to make Korean Spicy Chicken Stew in 4 steps. Ingredients:500 grams of sliced chicken thigh (or breast)3 potatoes sliced in cubes2 carrots sliced … Continue reading

Kimchi Stew (Kimchi jjigae)

This is Dan’s favourite Korean dish. He reckons the best tasting one came from Wah Korean Restaurant in the city by their previous owner. He was very disappointed in the taste after the restaurant was bought over by someone else. To end his misery, I decided to learn how to cook this at home. I … Continue reading