Valentine’s Day Lunch @ Restaurant Two

Valentine’s Day has a special meaning for D & I. It’s not just a celebration of love, but also a celebration of the first step in our journey together. Well, 7 years ago on this very day, D cooked up a storm and proposed. My answer? I’m sure you could have guessed it by now. … Continue reading

Birthday Lunch @ Malt Dining

It’s that time of the year again where you flip over the calendar and turn a year older. In this case, I felt at least half a decade older due to those sleepless nights and early morning. I’m not complaining of course. The look of the little smiling face outweighs any tiredness I felt. For … Continue reading

Kooroomba Vineyards Restaurant

Two weekends ago, a group of friends & I went for a day trip to Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm and we were blessed with perfect weather for the trip.  The drive took us over an hour South West from Brisbane, heading towards Boonah.  I had visited the farm 3 other times prior to this … Continue reading

Alfred and Constance

I recently visited Alfred and Constance for a friend’s birthday celebration. It was her choice of venue (after reading a lot of reviews online) and based on our experience, it was a brilliant choice. Located at the corner of Alfred and Constance Street, it is not hard to guess where they got their name. Parking … Continue reading

At Sixes and Sevens

My first visit to ‘At Sixes and Sevens’ was with my colleagues for a birthday celebration.  I enjoyed the food so much that I decided to take D there the next day. I don’t make a habit of going places two days in a row so that should give you an idea of how much … Continue reading