Ramen Champion

We were very excited when we saw signage for a new ramen shop a couple of weeks ago at Sunnybank’s Sunny Park Shopping Centre.  I love the comfort of having a big bowl of ramen soup and with Hakataya Noodles leading the pack, a bit of competition is always welcomed. We wasted no time in … Continue reading

Kitchen Inn

Kolo Mee was one of my staples growing up. I could have it any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, it is not a dish that can be easily found outside of Sarawak, Malaysia. You can imagine how excited I was when we walked past a shop selling Kolo Mee in Melbourne. … Continue reading

Hakataya Noodle Shop – Market Square

The new kid on the block at Market Square is Hakataya Noodle Shop. For those who are familiar with the area, there is already a Hakataya Noodle shop across the road at Sunnybank Plaza. This place is crazy busy. Just look out for long queue or a big “sorry we sold out” sign, and you’ll … Continue reading

Menya Mappen Noodle Bar

Earlier this year, Mexican taquerias hit the city with eateries like Guzman Y Gomez and the Burrito Bar. Now, the latest craze is on Japanese noodle shops. There are 2 noodle shops located just outside Sunnybank Plaza: Hakataya Noodle Shop and Menya Mappen Noodle Bar. They are almost impossible to miss if you are in … Continue reading