Oishii Sushi Bar

Oishii is our go-to place for modern style sushi in the Southside. I have been going there for many, many years and it has always been busy and packed. The only thing that has changed over the years is the price, reduced portions and a slight decline in quality. Blame it on inflation – but … Continue reading

Le Bon Choix

Le Bon Choix is a French Patisserie located in the Brisbane CBD. I first discovered it about a year ago and it’s now the place I go to satisfy my cake cravings. The cakes here are wonderfully crafted and amazingly delicious. It is difficult to explain but their cakes are like a completed puzzle where … Continue reading


We often start our Saturdays by going for Yum Cha brunch in a Chinese Restaurant in Sunnybank. However, after feasting for 3 weeks in Asia, we decided to deviate from tradition and try a cafe brunch instead. After reading a few reviews and checking out menus on a few websites, we headed to Cirque in … Continue reading

Destination #3: Penang

After spending 5 days in Singapore, we moved on to our final city, Penang. By that time, my stomach had fully recovered and my appetite had come back. Penang Island is located in the northwest of Malaysia which is well-known for its hawker food. It’s a food heaven for many, and for me, it was … Continue reading

Destination #2: Singapore

After spending 10 days in Kuching with most of the time bedridden due to food poisoning, we headed to the next destination. We were almost thinking of cancelling our trip to Singapore and catching an early flight back to Brisbane. Thank God I was just well enough to eat and walk on the day of … Continue reading